For a safer way to kill bacteria, try vodka

Cleaning toilets is a good way of getting in touch with your creativity. That’s when you find out if you got anything going on in your head.

– Jill Scott

Doesn't matter if it's cheap or expensive!

Doesn’t matter if it’s cheap or expensive!

Alcohol. It’s wonderful. In the olden days, it saved lives. It’s an amazing disinfectant, and is safe for consumption (but you should only ever drink very small amounts, obviously). Best of all, it’s free from all the nasty extra chemicals that come with antibacterial products these days. You don’t need the expensive stuff to do the trick, either. Below are some ways that you can use vodka to clean your home.

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1. Smelly¬†clothes: if you like to get a lot of wear out of your clothes before you wash them, you’ll love this trick. Fill a spritzing bottle with vodka, and spray it (lightly!) over musty clothes. Leave them to air dry for a while. Bonus tip: this works on stinky shoes, too!

2. Mould: vodka is great for bacteria-busting. If you’ve got mould growing in your home, use a spritzing bottle filled with vodka to spray affected areas. Leave it to sit for a while, maybe 15 minutes, then scrub the mould off.

3. Glass: from windows to eye glasses, vodka can sort it. If glass in your home has greasy streaks, fill a spritzing bottle with a mixture of vodka and water. Spray on the glass, and wipe clean with some scrunched-up newspaper. This will work on soap scum-covered showers as well!

4. Bathroom tiles: fill a spritzing bottle with vodka, spray on tiles, leave for a few minutes then rinse off. Easy.

5. Disinfectant/all-purpose cleaner: you can clean pretty much anything with vodka. Simply soak a cloth in it, and wipe down surfaces and chrome fixtures for easy bacteria cleaner and dirt removal.

6. Air freshener: grab your trusty spritzing bottle filled with vodka and spray into the air. Bad smells from things like cigarettes and old food will disappear.

7. Insect repellent: spray around doorways or wherever else bugs might get in. Be careful not to kill any bees with it though!

8. Strange stains: if you’ve got some weird stains lurking, such as vodka, vomit or red wine, try rubbing them with vodka. They should lift right out.


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